Zahra P Le Breton


Leonardo Bravo Exhibition Flyer
I‘m An Alien
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Our Sense of Time is Distorted 
A Line is a Dot That Went for a Walk
Representation at the Cooper Hewitt
What Time Is It?
Weather Type Experiments
Apparis FW21 Essentials
Apparis FW21 Trend
Apparis FW21 Plant-Based Capsule
De Mafé Collection 2
Apparis SS21
Apparis SS20
Apparis Resort 20
Apparis x Diane Von Furstenberg
Apparis FW19

A British & Pakistani designer based in Los Angeles, experimenting with using graphic design as a tool to bridge across multi-disciplinary interests, whether it be fashion, music, sneakers, skateboarding, cultural, social & political issues. Growing up connected by two cultures, the designer has grown to embrace being in the middle, existing as a connection.



Our Sense of Time is Distorted



Graphic Designer

graphic design & concept
    A series of 3 digital posters designed to represent the feeling of distortion of time we all experienced during the pandemic. From weeks feeling like months, to hours feeling like minutes, being isolated, returning to live in our childhood homes, being laid off, losing loved ones, the fear of the unkown - all of these lead to a complete distortion of what everyone expected their 2020 to be.