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   How to Flow is an online and print publication guide on how to navigate the Otis College of Art and Design MFA Graphic Design program. It focuses on reconnecting students back to their individual drives as well as reason for being here in this specific program. In doing so, it also offers students ways to connect that excitement back into their assignments and experience–to reach a state of Flow*. After navigating through the website, students have access to a library of resources and links sourced from individual students, professors and visiting lecturers from Otis College of Art & Design, gathered in one place.

*Flow, coined by psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, is “the way people describe their state of mind when consciousness is harmoniously ordered, and they want to pursue whatever they are doing for its own sake.”


Zahra P Le Breton


Emma Godfrey

Digital Design

Gvokxyiel Aucifvr Vaus
Mei-Ling Mirow
Zahra P Le Breton

Print Design & Contributors

Emma Godfrey
Julie Hyunh
Lu Urzagaste
Xiao Xu
Yuqi Zeng
Yuyang Han

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