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graphic design, concept & coding.
   This project stemmed from wanting to challenge the hierarchy and secrecy of the design process. I started to question why the design process is something that is so rarely shared with the public when it can be such a strong source of work and motivation. There are many reasons why designer’s don’t or can’t share their process, whether it be because of intellectual property, client privacy, etc. as designers we are always designing for others, considering the final outcome, the audience, the brief. What if there was a space for designers to make projects quickly and without constraint with the specific intention of sharing their process?



We’re doing it... we’re still doing it... we’ll keep doing it—who the hell knows for how much longer—we are surviving.

Yes, we are SURVIVING a global pandemic.

2020 was a non-starter taking a toll on our physical and mental health, as well as our creativity.

The birth of Abstract Expressionism came from a conscious desire to break free from the restrictive and politicised mentalities of the Great Depression, the Second World War and the ensuing Cold War. That was then, this is now—

It’s time we ESCAPE.

Who are we? Graphic Designers.

What makes you happy?

Why graphic design?

It’s time to unlearn the rigid, restrictive approach to the design process that is encouraging us to minimize our creative freedom. It’s time to make without thinking, most importantly without OVERthinking, and most most importantly it’s time to make for the sake of making.

Forget problem-solving...

Forget designing for others...

Just make.

Abstraction ultimately comes from a place of joy. Didn’t we become graphic designers because it’s what makes us happy? By losing ourselves in the experimental making process, we are more likely to produce outcomes that align with the creative energy that the process inspires.

By returning to the level of abstract making, experimentation and curiosity we once had as children, Esc is an experiment in itself. Setting aside the institutionalised, prescribed method of having a clear goal, Esc places more importance on the process rather than the outcome. Meaning can come after making.

It’s time. Reset. Restart.


Link to website can be provided upon request. @havefunmakeesc