Zahra P Le Breton


Leonardo Bravo Exhibition Flyer
I‘m An Alien
Flow Website
Our Sense of Time is Distorted 
A Line is a Dot That Went for a Walk
Representation at the Cooper Hewitt
What Time Is It?
Weather Type Experiments
Apparis FW21 Essentials
Apparis FW21 Trend
Apparis FW21 Plant-Based Capsule
De Mafé Collection 2
Apparis SS21
Apparis SS20
Apparis Resort 20
Apparis x Diane Von Furstenberg
Apparis FW19

A British & Pakistani designer based in Los Angeles, experimenting with using graphic design as a tool to bridge across multi-disciplinary interests, whether it be fashion, music, sneakers, skateboarding, cultural, social & political issues. Growing up connected by two cultures, the designer has grown to embrace being in the middle, existing as a connection.



A Line is a Dot That Went for a Walk


Graphic Designer

digital design & coding.
   A Line is a Dot That Went for a Walk is a collaborative coding project with Emma Godfrey, with the intention of translating a physical, real world walk into a digital record for users to virtually “walk” through. With the aim of finding the new in the familiar, we set out on a walk in an environment we frequent often with the goals of observing colors and textures.

Link to website can be provided upon request.